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Friends of Forde Park Community Project

A big thanks to our Friends of Forde Park Community Project who donated!

The total raised by our friends so far is an amazing £4396.63!

To learn more about becoming a friend, please click here.

PLEASE NOTE: For technical reasons, this page is updated every month.

Linda and Ranjit

Elizabeth Savage

Tracy Roberts

Ayesha Robinson

Sam Pead

Sally Roberts

Helen Jones

Lyn Roberts

Gemma Trant

Faye Hussey

Jennifer Merrison-Hort

Kate Brodie

Claire Sampson

Jill Jelfs

H Edwards

Ellie Brooker

lynne Waldron

Julia Simmons

Rachel Mills

E & N Taylor

Nicola Bell

Ann Peers

Mr and Mrs Bekker

Jo Mead

Caroline Wray

Tim Cook

Jenny Grice

Sarah & Andy Reynolds

Jane Otieno

Barry Davey

Maureen Davey

Jackie Hook

Gill Border

Ruth Downing

Louise Palmer

Emily Hawkes

Paula Nanson

Susie Kings

Sara Midgley

Robert Harrison

Andrew Midgley

Ann Hall

Debbie Jeffery

Suzie Preston

Leigh Evans

Colin Guswell

Janet knowles

Kevin & Diane Norman

Rachel Norman

Malcolm Addy

Tracey Addy

Maggie Daniel

Suzanne Haines

Dawn Shute

Sandra Webster

Belinda Osborne

Kate Bosanquet

Georgina Parker

Hannah Hewson

Erica Lee

Gill Harris

Shona Charlton

Cynthia Byrnes

Nuala Kelly

Kerry Burgess-Boyde

Anna Wise

Debbi Shotton

Donna Bounden

Sally Punter

Rebecca Arliss

Jack Plumbley

Shirley Blair

Brian Foster

Victoria Melluish

Emma Hoare

Sally and Mick

Linda and Peter Chapman

Sarah Baker

Catherine Morgan

Annie Mitchell

Roger Carter

Martin Hill

Rosemary Newman

Barbara Garrick

Richard Crompton

Virginia Hartley

Caroline Peterson

Diane Palmer

Judy Grundy

Sian Wilkinson

Clive Sawers

Tamsin Cook

Martyn Warren

Beryl Davies

Vanessa Zalman

Karen Hooper

Kay Fice

Gail Marshall

Rachel Winfield

Nick Evans

Carrie Piper

Ali Langmead

Dinah Botting

Paul Jenkins

Catherine Daws

Alison Marshall

Helen Woodroff

Tess Irons

Linda Robson-Burrell

Wilmie Jacobs

Elizabeth Colston

Maxine Bradley

Mark Bridgeman

Faye Robertson

Emma Lucas

Keith Walker

Sarah Guest

Richard Twose

Rima Leyshon

Nikki Hayter

Robert Hayter

Andrew Hawken

Kate Kingston-knight

Lisa Flemming

Warren Johnson

Linda Gilbert

Andrew Gilbert

Siobhan Benney

George Sobol

Jean Dore

Mandy Vickery

Patricia Evans

Mandy Davies

Jeremy Howell

Jennifer Chapman

Chris Sheehan

Sue Smout

Stacey Trustcott

Suzy Davey

Graham Davey

Christopher Harniess

Mel and John Forte

Debbie Vaas

Mike Cooke

Amanda & Chris Harrill

Graham Baker


Crystal Moore

Steve Dinnie

Gail W

Peter & Margaret Lampard

Mike Lee

All the team at Medical & General IFA

Mary Elizabeth

Jane Gray

Tom & Sue M

Christopher Dolan

Sue & Pete